Find Out More About the Timbers We Use

Why Do We Need Trees?

A growing tree is similar to a gas chamber, absorbing carbon dioxide, locking in the carbon only and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, in addition to this it helps to humidify the climate.

Why Do We Need Joiners?

As a tree reaches maturity it slows down and little CO2 is removed. When mature trees fall and decay, they start to release CO2 into the air, and this brings on the need to harvest mature trees and replace them quickly. Controlled harvesting of forests are essential to maintain the balance and development of our environment.

Why Should You Choose Us?

All our timber comes from managed forests and the moisture content is checked to ensure it is suitable for its new environment. On the subject of the environment, timber is one of a few materials that is renewable and every time you don’t specify to renew it, you are helping to destroy our planet.

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