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Southern Yellow Pine  (Pinus Palustris & Pinus Elliotti)

Good availability in Square Edge boards.

Colour is pale yellow to reddish brown. It is hard and heavy and almost identical in strenght properties to Douglas Fir. The timber has fine texture and a uniform grain. Some boards can be resinous. Yellow Pine machines  well, producing high quality results.

Typical uses 
Internal Joinery ,Staircases, Internal Woodworking , Cabinet Making
Weight         Average 660kg/m3
Durability      Non durable


 Honduras Pitch Pine   ( Pinus Caribaea & Pinus Oocarpe)

Limited Availability in Square Edge boards.

Orange to reddish brown. It is a resinous timber and hence may cause difficulty in machining. The use of a fairly long tooth pitch offers some relief during machining. The timber takes screws and nails satisfactorily with only a slight tendency to splitting. It can be successfully stained and varnished, although pitch marks may cause difficulty in painting.

Typical uses 
Flooring , Decking , Joinery , Masts and Spars
Weight            Average 720kg/m3 when dried
Durability         Moderately durable


 Larch, European      (Larix Decidua)

Available in a limited range of sizes in both Square Edge and Waney Edge boards.

Colour is pale brown to red. It is the only  European deciduous conifer.The timber has a uniform texture. It works well with both machine and hand tools, although loose knots occasionally may be troublesome. As nailing causes splitting pre-boring is necessary. It takes stain, varnish and paint well. Larch is harder and tougher than most European conifers.

Typical uses 
Flooring , Staircases , Door and Window frames , Joinery , Boat Planking
Weight         Average 590 kgs/m3
Durability    Moderately durable


 Western Red Cedar   (Thuja Plicata)

Limited availability in Square Edge boards.

Colour is reddish brown. It is pleasantly scented.The timber has very little character. It works easily and produces a very smooth finish.

Typical uses 
Conservatories , Summer houses , Light Weight Construction , External Joinery
Internal Joinery , Weather Boarding , Beehives , Roof Shingles

Weight       Average  530kg/m3
Durability     Durable


 Red Deal  (Pinus Sylvestris)

Available in a range of sizes.

Colour pale yellowish brown to red brown heart wood.The timber works well with both machine and hand tools. It can be stained, painted, varnished or polished satisfactorily. Resinous planks can be difficult to glue.

Typical uses 
Internal Joinery , Furniture , General Building Construction , Turnery
Weight         Average 510kgs/m3
Durability     Non durable



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